Dr. Tam’s Vegan Restaurant (Metrowalk, Pasig City)


I told my husband not to join the Valentine’s Day bandwagon. We didn’t have dinner date, but instead, we had a lunch date. We have been buying vegan products from Dr. Tam’s Vegan Restaurant, trying to eat meatless every once in a while, but never really had a chance to dine there. That’s when we took the chance to have a date on Valentine’s Day, where we thought we wouldn’t have to fall in line, since I haven’t heard of people flocking in a vegan restaurant every 14th of February.

The place was huge. The ambiance was nice, but I think they’re cutting on electricity bills because there were only a few lights. Despite that it was afternoon, sunlight doesn’t get into the restaurant well that time. It was OK for me, though. There were a few groups of people who were eating that day, too. Most of them seemed to be regular customers.

We ordered Beef with broccoli, Ampalaya with Tofu and Ice cream. Our food took a bit longer than I expected. We waited for almost half an hour for the food to arrive. It’s good that they served water because it kept our tummies a little busy while waiting. The food presentation was really nice. It looked like those regular beef and ampalaya that we see on Filipino tables. The difference only comes with the taste. My husband said he liked the food a lot but for me, it was just Ok. I was not disappointed nor amazed. The taste was nothing really special. However, I had my mind set that I went there to eat good food: food that does not have much seasonings or preservatives. I bet the vegetables were really fresh, I can tell them by the color and crispiness. We even ordered an extra rice because they have big servings.

It was as always a blissful experience to dine in a vegan restaurant. In fact, this is the third vegan restaurant I have dined in. Sometimes, I just have this urge to take a break from too much meat. A visit to this restaurant is a must, especially for those who are looking for “something else” to eat aside from the ordinary carnivorous treats. :)

Ampalaya with Tofu (Yes, it's not egg)

Ampalaya with Tofu (Yes, it’s not egg)

"Beef" with Broccoli

“Beef” with Broccoli

Non-dairy Ice Cream

Non-dairy Ice Cream


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    • hi mayrelene. thanks for visiting my blog. it’s been a while since i visited this due to a lot of work.
      dr. tam’s was really quite a discovery. i am really a supporter of vegetarian and vegan food even though it’s really hard to maintain being one. sometimes i feel bad that these kinds of restaurants don’t do well in the market, when people could benefit a lot from varying their preferences, especially if it means going healthy.

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